Ispire ONE

Introducing Ispire ONE - the pivotal transformation in the way you approach device filling and production. Simplifying processes, increasing reliability, and significantly impacting your bottom line.


Eliminating the cap, Ispire ONE introduces you to a world of single-piece devices, taking leakage, contamination, and device failure out of the equation. With this technology, we’re addressing the heart of production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


In perfect harmony with our proprietary filling machine, Ispire ONE enables one-touch automation. Load your devices, press start, and witness unparalleled accuracy and speed. No frills, no complications - just seamless operation.


Ispire ONE - it’s not just a product, it’s your comprehensive solution. Streamlining production, enhancing reliability, and driving growth. ONE touch, ONE solution, ONE exceptional experience. Welcome to the future of manufacturing efficiency with Ispire ONE.


Ispire’s filling machine completes the entire Ispire hardware ecosystem. It’s the backbone of how our full-sealed vape cartridges and devices are filled. Designed to scale and for automation, making it easy to use and single operator friendly.